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Zdeněk Malík

Is an authorized warranty and customer service, putting into operation of gas equipment and solid fuel boilers of these manufacturers: VIADRUS - DAKON - THERMONA - Baxi - BUDERUS GB 112 - IMMERGAS - MORA-TOP.

Osvobození 72, Čavisov

Vlastimil Šrom

Supply and purchase of used cars.

Olomoucká 50, Opava-Předměstí

Ing. Ivana Jurečková

Complete security procurement, engineering and construction supervision.

Tyršova 701/7, Opava

Milan Klemš

We offer advertising and graphic services. Create product design, promotional videos and presentations

Štefánikova 1500/6, Opava

Břetislav Macek

Magnet School pomůcky.Pomůcky are made of plastic, color-printed or covered with foil, a magnetic layer is a flat plastic magnet. Tools extends the magnetic boards for education and entertainment.

Skřipov 47, Skřipov

Hana Neudörflerová

Sale of mixed goods.

Sadová 88/21, Opava-Předměstí

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